Violation Fine Schedule

The Violation Fine Schedule was established by the Clairemont Board of Directors on May 16, 2012 and are as follows:

Failure to obtain written approval from ACC for any improvement $100 $50 per day
House maintenance violations $50 $25 per day
Lawn maintenance violations $50 $25 per day
Removal of trees in excess of 12″ diameter without required approval $100
Commercial vehicles, boats, trailers, campers, etc in HOA $50 $25 per day
Unlicensed vehicles stored in driveway or on street $50 $25 per day
Garbage cans stored in sight $25 $15 per day
Improper storage of play equipment $25 $25 per day
Improper mounting of TV Satellite antenna $50 $50 per month
Sign violations $25 $25 per day
General nuisance violations $25 $25 per day
Failure to clean up after your pet $25
Violation of pool rule regarding glass and littering $50 and suspension of pool privileges
General trash and littering $25
Permitting unauthorized entry to pool area $25
Illegal pool entry $50