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Registration Overview

This guide is intended to help you with and answer any questions you have regarding logging into the Clairemont HOA website. Registration as an HOA Member and login is required in order to view Clairemont Business including Board Minutes, Annual Meeting Minutes, and Committee Minutes. All new users registering for the site will be verified as a home owner and eligible for HOA Membership access. You may be contacted to confirm your identity; any registered users that cannot be confirmed as homeowners will have reduced access until validated.

Registration Options

You have two options for registering for the site, Social Login and Custom Login.

Social Login

Social Login provides a quick and easy way to leverage an existing account with common social networks or email providers such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, AOL, OpenID, and Live. An advantage of Social Login is that it requires less steps and provides a more seamless experience.

Social Login

To use Social Login:

  1. Click on your preferred provider.
  2. A new window will popup and may require you to login or confirm that you want to use this provider.
  3. Once you confirm login for your provider you will automatically be logged into the Clairemont site.
  4. Future visits to Clairemont HOA website may occasionally require you to click on your preferred provider to login.

Custom Login

Custom Login uses your email address and password to access the site. During the registration process you will create a username specific to this website. You will be emailed an initial password and can change it upon logging in. An advantage of Custom Login is that it does not require an existing login for another provider, but it does require an email address.

Register Link

Register Page

To use Custom Login:

  1. Access the Registration page
  2. Enter a Username
  3. Enter your email
  4. Click on the Register button
  5. Check your email for your temporary password.

Logging in with Custom Username

Once you have received your email with the password, access the homepage or the login page provided in the email. Use your username and temporary password to login. Selecting the “Remember Me” option will reduce the frequency that you need to log into the site.

From the homepage:

Custom login

From the Login Page:

Login page

Changing the Temporary Password

Once logged in, it is recommended that you change your temporary password on your user profile page. Changing your password will allow you to switch it to something that you can easily remember. Use the password change feature on your User Profile page. You can access your user profile by clicking on the top right portion of the site where “Howdy (your name)” is located. Clicking on “Clairemont an Indian Land, SC Community” will take you back to the main site.

Access your profile

Password change in your profile:

Change your default password

We kindly request that you update your Name information so that we can confirm your ownership and access as a HOA Member.

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