Political Signs Allowed

Clairemont HOA now allows political signs to be posted in your yard. Specifically the revised ARC Guideline is as follows:

Subject: General Improvements, Landscape & Maintenance Guidelines

“Political signs will be permitted in yards up to 30 days prior to general elections, special elections, and electoral primaries with a maximum size of 6 square feet and a maximum number of two signs. Multiple signs for the same political candidate are not allowed. Signs must be removed within 5 days after election. (revision 10/09/2014)”

The change inĀ ARC Guidelines is in response to community feedback, ACC review, Board review, and formally updating the ARC Guidelines per the stated process. This change comes with thorough discussion including the ACC contacting fellow neighbors for feedback and input. The Committee and Board also considered local and state law in the matter. South Carolina does not have a law in place requiring HOA’s to allow political signage. North Carolina does have such a law with local codes and ordinances in the matter. See a related article entitled “Can HOA forbid political signs?

The ACC having full jurisdiction in the matter of the Guidelines drafted and approved the change in the interest of fellow homeowners. The Board is in support of the ACC’s recommendation and updated guidelines. The management company will continue to monitor the community for compliance under the new guidelines.